Friday, July 25, 2008

garbage goes in garbage can, makes sense

Noam Chomsky offers up some very insightful and succinct answers to thoughtful questions from Vincent Navarro.

Topics range from the strict doctrinal requirements of a free but managed society, the PR campaign that masquerades as a Presidential election, the pressures of consumerism, the history behind American global dominance in world affairs, the joys of a state-based economy, and the possibility of an actual and semi-fledgling International. A brief excerpt has:

One of the reasons for the extraordinary pressure of consumerism, which goes back to the 1920s, is the recognition by the business world that unless it atomizes people, unless it drives them to what it calls the "superficial things of life, such as fashionable consumption," the population may turn on them. Right now, for example, about 80% of the U.S. population believes that the country is, in their words, run by "a few big interests looking out for themselves," not for the benefit of the population. About 95% of the population thinks that the government ought to pay regular attention to public opinion. The degree of alienation from institutions is enormous. As long as people are atomized, worried about maxing out their credit cards, separated from one another, and don't hear serious critical discussion, the ideas can be controlled.


Odo said...

there is something to be said for the blind leading the insane. whatever it is, I'm going to Japan and becoming one with the machines

rananda said...

one of the greatest quotes re blindness, insanity, and leadership ever uttered, at least in the context of a chemistry class. what the hell you up to anyway, man?

Odo said...

spending august in japan, doing "science." at least a week of it is officially vacation. i plan to do a lot of bicycling. and leave the country in flames.

rananda said...

nice dude. roast beef would be proud.