Saturday, April 12, 2008

oldest trick in the book

what a game. it really doesn't get much better than that. some quick thoughts:

  • ovechkin was an absolute beast. obviously the game winner was ridiculous, but he was flying all night and hitting everything that moved. he lived up to the expectations in his playoff debut.
  • the power play needs to be better. the first unit does not create any traffic in front of the net, and i'm not sure the current personnel is capable of doing it. the power play in the second was abysmal, with semin stickhandling along the boards and no one even near biron. that poor power play led directly to brier's goal and a subsequent dominating stretch by the flyers that almost decided the game.
  • semin was pretty invisible, his assist on green's first goal was on a busted play. he needs to be better.
  • what a pass by fedorov to green. he's so good away from the puck too, another great game from sergei.
  • without a doubt this was huet's worst game as a cap. encouraging that they managed to win, but he has to be better obviously.
  • what a comeback. it's beginning to look like this may be some kind of team of destiny.

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rananda said...

some comments on game 2, a pretty disappointing one for the caps:

- i've said it for so long, but the power play needs to be much better. in fact, more than being better, it needs to be different. i should just sack up and lrun the numbers on pp scoring, but brooks laich needs to be on the first unit. he's the ony one of those guys that can go to the front of the net and wreack havoc in front of biron. that'll free up semin and backstrom and OV to do their thing. almost as important, that first unit needs to get off the ice sooner. i know ive been a fan of some players staying on for more than just a minute, but the whole unit cannot stay on for close to the full 2. kinda ridic.

- the ice looked terrible sunday. verizon is known for having brutal ice, but it looked particularly bad sunday as the puck was bouncing around all game. hard to come back from 2 in the situation.

- huet needs to be better. cant really fault him on either of the goals, but he does not look as calm and cool and confident as he did late in the season. bob mckenzie talking on nhl network about how huet wasnt the reason the caps got to the playoffs, that he wasn't great and didnt steal any games. how many games did bob watch? huet was great, and he needs to be again.

- semin needs to hit the net with those howitzer type wrist shots. hit the net dog!

- put eminger on the ice. team has a ridic record with him in there. might be a statistical quirk, but he's earned the right to play. schultz and erskine are candidates to sit.

- go caps.