Monday, April 14, 2008

i dont sleep til it's light

another brilliant skewering from anthony lane in last week's new yorker, this time serving up the documentary, "shine a light." one may argue it's not fair to beat up on the elderly, and possibly senile, but it's worthwhile for amusingly criticizing both the rolling stones and martin scorsese, from which we can synthesize a critique of the mainstream entertainment culture. here's a hint, it's about a lack of subtlety and an overabundance of close-ups and camera changes. i'd rather watch 100 year old turtles mate, eat and sleep, and i'd have to see fewer wrinkles.


Sir Fantastic said...

I couldn't read the skewer. My attention span has been fried by the internet and you tube and tivo and the war in Iraq. I did love that hilarious cartoon though. "We're strictly store goers." hahahahaha. hahaha. haha. ahhh. store goers. anyways, read and liked what you had to say.

rananda said...

thank you. yea, so much stimulus, much of it silly and meaningless, it's hard to really keep focused on, uh, in terms of everyone... what was i talking about?