Friday, December 3, 2010

Who'd You Rather?

These two players are on the same team and these are their stats through the first 28 games of the season. Player A scores at a higher rate at even strength (getting less ice time, 13.4 vs. 16 min/60) and on the PP (getting much less ice time, 3.1 to 4.7 min/60). Player A makes up some of that time playing shorthanded (he is fifth in ice time for forwards on a team that is in the top-10 in penalty killing) whereas Player B does not play shorthanded. There is a higher discrepancy in shots directed at the opposition's net vs. their team's net (CORSI) when Player A is on the ice rather than Player B. Player A gets twice as many takeaways (tied for the league lead) and fewer giveaways. Player B gets more shots and about 10 times as many hits (although it's pretty clear that hits have very little if any utility in a hockey game).

Are there any compelling arguments that Player A, this season, isn't a more effective player than Player B? Any guesses who the players are?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jose and Jos-B?

Mr. Hari said...

Kasparov and Deep Blue

odo said...

thank you Hari for today's second Kasparov-Deep Blue reference. (cf. )

i can only assume that the third will come out of tonight's conversation between the true A/B players, Mel Brooks and Dick Cavett, and is a manifestation of this date's infamy, starring Tojo as the MACHINE and FDR as the wily Russian who loved it, but must kill it.

imbroglioh said...

as per usual, i have nearly no idea what in the name of Thomas Anantharaman Odo is talkin' 'bout. But only two Kasparov references in a day? There was a time when you'd hit four Alexandra Kosteniuk references by early afternoon.

and the correct is semin/ov. anonymouse #1 gets a signed copy of a dvd of semin and ov doing their take on the 2,000 year old man skit.