Tuesday, June 3, 2008

free speech is law of the land, except in land's highest court of law

This report, from the good folks at Democracy Now!, is pretty amazing. You'll remember Amy Goodman from this recent post. Who knew it was illegal to protest outside the Supreme Court. Justices are allowed to accept paid speaking engagements from highly partisan groups, but god forbid they see citizens expressing themselves via banners and signs as they walk to work. It is heartwarming to know that there are people out there like Matt Daloisio who are fighting diligently and sacrificing their own personal freedom to gain just a flicker of representation, dignity, and even hope to those who have been confined for years without an end in sight and with no voice (other than the screams and sobs that surely routinely fill their heads). I like to consider myself a martyr for my own attempts at looking out for the li'l guys, namely in feeding and caring for my dog, but I guess in a way, these protesters are the true heroes.


Sandip said...

5-4 dude. pretty crazy.

rananda said...

yea i guess. not as crazy as having appointed justices declare the legality of policies made by those who appointed them.