Wednesday, February 6, 2008

pasha´s log: day 2

This is number one in a series of entries written by our dog describing his reflections on our two week vacation through the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Well, I woke up today (and several times through the night) in a very strange place. It’s much warmer here than back at home, and the smells are pretty different, but in a good way I guess, too. There are also all sorts of li’l bugs that crawl around on the ground, especially by my food, and some that fly in the air too. Raddy and Rommy are here, thank god, but they slept most of the morning. I tried to get them to wake up and let me see what was going on outside for a while before Raddy finally lumbered out of bed, grumpily I might add, and let me scope out the new digs. Boy, was it worth it, there’s so much green grass everywhere and interesting plants and trees (to pee on) and flowers (to munch on). And it’s not cold out at all like back home. I definitely don’t need to wear a jacket, and I can even wander around without that silly leash around my neck. This is all a much welcomed development, especially after what happened yesterday. I had to go in my stupid kennel and be separated from the humans again, except this time it seemed a lot longer than usual, and I even had a few different people take me and put me in several small places where I was all alone and heard lots of scary sounds. I’m not very good with time so I don’t know how long it was, by the time I finally saw my parents, I was so tired and scared, and I had to pee so bad, it really wasn’t very fun. But then I saw them and they let me out of my kennel and we went for a nice, long walk, and we even got to go for a car ride, and I felt much better. I didn’t rest as much as normal, and I still feel a li’l sleepy, but it’s nice to stretch my legs and to feel the sun again. I have no clue where we are but I’m looking forward to a good time, and of course being with my loving, if slightly silly, pack, as always.

Editor’s Note: The three of us had a direct flight from JFK, NYC to Cancun Sunday morning. The flight originally purchased to be on the prior Saturday was unexpectedly and without reason given cancelled, by the good folks at American Airlines, and we were re-booked for the next day, losing a day of precious vacation time (that I am on what appears to be a permanent vacation is besides the point). While the humans arrived as scheduled in the afternoon, we were notified that Pashi, my number #1 li’l guy and raison d’etre, was not placed on our plane, but rather, was sent on a different flight (from Laguardia!) to Dallas (good lord, I’ve never even been to Dallas!) and would be coming to Cancun 6 hours later than scheduled. Between hysterical fits of crying and gnashing of teeth, we waited and did what we could to keep on. He finally arrived in our arms, at around 9pm local time, just shy of 13 hours after we said goodbye to him in his kennel in New York. If there are any plots out there to bomb the corporate offices of American Airlines, and/or the homes of all its executive officers, I will work day and night for the rest of my life to finance the entire operation. (Those of you that know me know that the last statement is patently untrue, not because of my reluctance to maniacally pursue uselessly excessive vengeance, but rather, my inability to work day and night for any cause, no matter how dear).


Mr. Hari said...

Ned: Well, Diane, I sure enjoyed chatting with you about your
problems with your mother.
Diane: [singsong, to the dog] Did you hear that, Foofie? Sounds
like somebody wuvs us. Yes it does.
Ned: [laughs somewhat uneasily] Yeah. Well, maybe I'll call
you again sometime
Diane: Ooh, Foofie doesn't like the sound of that maybe, 'cause
him's a commitment dog. Isn't him?
[cut to Ned paddling for his life in one of the lake's
swan boats]

rananda said...

then cut to that duck shaped life boat parked outside his house. so good.

Kid Nix said...

haha. you guys. i like french words rajeev...i sound sweet pronouncing them. life of riley down there i guess...i cant ever sleep in when i vacation man (except when im completely hungover and in new york, tho that doesnt qualify as vacation to me). keep em' coming. pasha that is...HIYO?