Friday, January 25, 2008

"ok sherlock, why dont you go solve a mystery"

this post was originally going to be titled "i'm in love with teenage boys," but i didnt want the feds to start monitoring this site (though with all the chomsky love posts i've planned it's probably inevitable). but the sentiment is nevertheless true, as one of my favorite things done by anyone recently is this collection of short pieces by clark and michael. clark is clark duke, presumed friend of michael cera. michael is michael cera, canadian teenage actor, originally of arrested development fame and most recently of the nice little film, juno. (there are some very funny promotional clips featuring cera and jason bateman). unfortunately, cera is probably best known for the wildly popular and mildly watchable "superbad" (a string of adjectives that i imagine will be usable for most projects attached to judd apatow's name for years). but these little shorts, filmed way back in the halcyon days of 2006 it seems, are pure solid gold. following the fictional account of two friends living together in la and trying to pitch their idea for a tv show, the shorts contain guest spots from a who's who of funny people, but the real genius lies in the relationship and chemistry between the two namesakes. not sure if these guys have known each other since the beginning of time, but it sure seems that way. clark is the brash and outlandish, "let's do this thing" type while michael plays the subtle, shy straight man. there's a nice balance between believability and ludicrousness, but their impeccable timing and silly and witty repartee remain throughout. this is exactly what i wish i was doing when i was their age. or my current age. i'm a little disappointed that there are only 2 of 10 episodes that i've yet to see and that when i do, it'll be gone forever. i can't wait to see everything these guys do, but i'll be surprised if they ever recapture this magic.

here's a trailer for the series, but def check out the episodes here.

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